Called In Seven Words, the store features categories such as fashion, home, art, and literature, along with a roster of community experiences. The shop is adjacent to the new La Cosecha marketplace, which celebrates contemporary Latin American culture. Edens, the dominant property owner in the Union Market district, unveiled the 20,000-square-foot Latin American market last summer. “We know the future of retail is about human engagement and meaningful storytelling,” said Jodie W. MClean, CEO of Edens. “The In Seven Words concept will help us thoughtfully tell the stories of our retail partners and their purpose. Enriching our community is at the core of everything we do.” 




Guesst cofounder Michele Varian, a jewelry, home furnishings and lighting designer with a store in Manhattan’s SoHo, is the inaugural author. She merchandised the store based on the seven words “Bringing Compelling Stories from SoHo to D.C.”

Varian will feature her own products along with jewelry from a dozen different designers, including two collections from long-time employees: Hayley K.S., Hayley Schlesinger’s understated and elegant line, and Labulgara, an edgy collection by Nadia Todorova. Southwest art specialist Viavi Gallery, Numbskullduggery ceramics by Polly Yates, Museum Mile Art Ceramics, Johanna Howard Home and Welden handbags will be featured, among others. The store will make use of Guesst’s platform, which facilitates sales transactions, payments, inventory tracking, data reporting and automating the operation for Edens and the brands it partners with.  



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